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Founded in 2009 in Denver, Colorado, Clover Leaf University is the first university specializing in phytotechnology to be approved, regulated, and licensed by the Colorado Department of Higher Education’s Private Occupational School Board. CLU provides the highest quality industry training and the most comprehensive curriculum available today. Clover Leaf University's faculty includes the industry's top-level executives, professionals, attorneys, instructors, cultivators, manufacturers, and industry leaders from all over the world.


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The Industry Leader for Cannabis and Hemp Education 

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A Community of Passionate Educators and Learners

Why clover leaf U?

  • Clover Leaf University is the only cannabis university approved, regulated, and licensed by the Department of Higher Education’s Private Occupational School Board

  • Founded in 2009 in Colorado, CLU has trained thousands of students worldwide

  • CLU has trained countless entrepreneurs who have started successful, compliant business in the MJ Industry

  • Our faculty are approved on academics and verified occupational experience with oversight and regulation by the Department of Higher Education

  • Live / Online / Seminar Training Available

  • CLU classes offer the most elite training currently available to the cannabis industry today

  • Business, Compliance, Medical, and Legal Courses available

  • Educational Workshops and Seminars (Business, Vendor, Horticulture, Manufacturing, Science)

  • Business Facility Tours Available (price not included in the classes)

  • Our faculty consists of industry pioneers and trailblazers with years of experience starting and operating legal and compliant facilities all over the world

  • CLU boasts the most recognized faculty and Executive Board in the industry

  • We have aided in the training and consulting for countless government agencies on their legislative and regulatory procedures for every legal state since the inception of the industry

  • Developed standards and best practices for businesses' licensing and facility training, and employee safety

  • Our staff continues to set new records in this industry daily

  • CLU has over 50 Faculty Members approved by CLU through DPOS

  • Higher education acknowledges CLU certifications

  • Our certifications are respected throughout the industry and hold high-level credibility when applying for jobs

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