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The Clover Leaf Vision

Our mission at CLU is to provide the highest quality of vocational/occupational training available to students, government agencies, executives, and business professionals, in the newly emerging MJ phytotech industry.  


Clover Leaf University is the cannabis industry's leading multi-spectrum educational institution with a fundamental commitment to setting the bar in the industry for ethics, best practices, corporate business standards, professionalism, integrity, and technological innovation. Clover Leaf University is approved, licensed, and regulated by the Department of Higher Education’s Private Occupational School Board.


CLU is focused on providing a state-of-the-art educational platform for training government officials and agencies, local municipalities, investors, entrepreneurs, business owners, medical and legal professionals,  management, in-house cannabis employees, cannabis industry workers, and occupational professionals, in all matters related to the emerging cannabis market. Our curriculum integrates best practice solutions for regulatory compliance requirements with attention to public health and consumer safety. CLU has launched various research and development projects concerning cannabis and strives to raise awareness around the potential it has to benefit society through patient and consumer education and creating a knowledgeable industry and workforce.

CLU serves a national base and offers next-level business education for industry investments, opening a business,
application processes and tools, state markets, following the money, infusions and extracts, mass warehouse cultivation, and much more. We also offer a top-of-the-line training program for industry workers, interns, and staff to comply safely with regulatory protocol, legal requirements, unlawful acts, consumer safety, and responsible vendor practices. We are helping the industry create a standard of excellence for the cannabis industry. At CLU, we give you the resources to succeed. 


Clover Leaf University originated in Denver, Colorado, and is currently holding training in many other locations throughout the world. We offer campus classes, workshops, on-site business training, live training, and online course certification. CLU has attained higher education approval for twenty-five Stand Alone Course Certifications and five Program Certifications. We offer classes such as Cannabis Consulting, Cultivation, Cannabis Science and Testing, Infusions, Cannabis Culinary Art, Continued Legal Education Classes, Extraction, and Vendor Training. Clover Leaf’s Business University classes include business organization, management, finance, marketing, analysis, and due process in regard to the economic, political, social, and cultural aspects of the industry. Cannabis is one of the fastest-growing industries in America today.


The university professors include industry leaders that have decades of experience and life wisdom to share with our students. Professors include physicians, nurses, lawyers, accountants, botanical horticulturalists, doctors, and multi-million dollar industry business owners and executives that have shaped this industry from its inception.


About Clover Leaf

Founded in 2009 in Denver, Colorado, Clover Leaf University is the first accredited MJ phytotech university to be approved, regulated, and licensed by the Colorado Department of Higher Education’s Private Occupational School Board. CLU provides the highest quality industry training and the most comprehensive curriculum available today. Clover Leaf University's faculty includes the industry's top-level executives, professionals, attorneys, instructors, cultivators, manufacturers, and industry leaders from all over the world.

A Letter from the President & Founder

Thank you for your interest in Clover Leaf University. Since legalization in 2012, the cannabis market has set a national precedence and captured the attention of major financing companies, investors, and stock firms nationally. The market has been growing at an exponential rate, with an estimated 10 Billion dollars in sales coming in the next fiscal year.  As legalization spreads, the market will climb from minted patient use, to four billion people in the world who are 21 and up, reports the NY Times. With National Legalization on the horizon and national market opportunities becoming available, the fast advancements and potential in Cannabis have made this undoubtedly one of the fastest growing industries in America today.

The educational goal for the marijuana industry is to develop safe communities, consumer products, and compliant business procedures. States must maximize their training ability to establish a stable market that can grow to its full potential. This relies on the proper education of responsible industry workers. Clover Leaf University has been involved in creating safety procedures and compliant business training programs specific to the cannabis industry nationally for years. We are the first education program of its kind, approved by the Department of Higher Education’s Private Occupational School Board. Safety and public health are priority when it comes to the implementation of this business procedures and it’s our pleasure to develop a responsible training program for employees and consumers. Clover Leaf University offers real time business and industry expertise and knowledge to provide top of the line state approved curriculum for business owners, governments, and employees. Although the numbers are staggering, so are the complications of the business.  We work with all aspects of the industry, to ensure we keep you updated, in compliance, and ready for this once in a lifetime business opportunity. Clover Leaf University is an early stage specialized education enterprise focusing on raising awareness, research and development, best practices, regulatory compliance, and product and consumer safety.

Colorado is very fortunate to have state legislatures with the vision and strength to embrace cannabis. The passing of laws spring boarded a variety of medical and business opportunities.  The industry is in a huge growth stage and has paved the way for CLU to build the platform for a learning community. One that will provoke thought and innovation, social responsibility, job creation, and increment benefits for the state. Thank you for being a part of it.


President / Founder - Chloe Villano


Best Regards,
Chloe Villano
Clover Leaf University Founder, CEO


Clover Leaf opened its first Campus in Denver Colorado in 2012 Currently we hold our classes in several spaces and universities nationally. In Colorado, CLU hosts courses at Auraria Campus, located in downtown Denver where four of the most prominent universities in Colorado sit within the beautiful city. We host live webinars workshops and online courses at various locations nationally. Look for each class location listed on our class registration page to find the location  of each class. We host our classes in the most predominant college event spaces, college campuses and educational venues all across the world.


Schedule a visit with CLU in sync with our class dates. If you are interested in taking a facility tour, you must sign up for the trip separate from the class and pay the additional fee. For questions fill out our contact form located here


Clover Leaf University does not provide accommodation, hotels, or dorm rooms for our students. You are responsible for finding your house when attending Clover Leaf University.  We hold classes all over the world so make sure upon sign up that you register for the course with your appropriate location.

Faculty & Staff

Our Brilliant curated staff comes from all corners of the world to teach, research, and bring their knowledge to educate on all aspects that encompass the most sought-after industry knowledge and business stargates. CLU’s faculty strives to provide our students with all of the tools necessary to be well prepared and poised for this

multi-billion dollar industry.


Pursue an education that will allow you to be a success in one of the most exciting and lucrative new Industries yet. Classroom observations allow for a much more hands-on, immersive experience and faculty-mentored discussions encouraging students to synthesize what they’re learning. successful completion of each facet of the curriculums Course design provides students with a tiered learning process allowing students the leisure of achievement at their own pace, assignments that are meaningful and motivating to the new student



We are activists for human rights, planet rights, educational rights and social justice rights. See our events and programs to support these causes that CLU has represented for over ten years.

Government Regulations

We train and consult local and state agencies with legislation and regulations in the development of strict and burdensome industry-specific regulations. We incorporate best practices and corporate business standards into our top-of-the-line training.



The Admissions Department respects and values the diversity that makes up the CLU student population. CLU students come from different backgrounds to provide the best quality academic experience. The wide range of life experiences in our student population stimulate the mind and create a place of thoughts to invoke top-level learning and invention. Our technology and research program allows the students to perform research and develop new technologies together with CLU.  Our technology transfer program allows student inventors to be matched with companies eager to license new ideas and inventions through CLU.

Alumni & Student Benefits

We offer many benefits and resources including discounts on classes, apparel, and products from our gift shop and grow store. We also provide student support through our alumni chat groups

Student & Alumni Internships

Students chosen for an internship will receive discounted classes through CLU. Internships hours do not count toward not accredited classes. Volunteer positions receive discounts on tuition.

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  • Need-based Scholarship

  • Expertise-based Scholarships

How do I apply for a Scholarship?

Apply for the Clover Leaf University Scholarships here

Scholarships include discounted tuition to CLU classes.

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