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Frequently Asked Questions


Disclaimer - Please Read

Due to the high demand, we have created a FAQs page to assist you with your questions. We have streamlined this process to help us better communicate and assist you through our FAQ'S page containing the most frequently asked questions we are receiving today. This way our students can know where to find information efficiently. 

CLU Terms and Conditions

CLU's terms and conditions are located in our school catalog located on the homepage of our website, and also found in our student enrollment forms.  After completing the enrollment form, you will be redirected to a payment screen where you can pay for the class and view all payment terms.

  • Do you Offer Payment Plans?
    Currently we do not offer payment plans on our Stand Alone Course Certifications or or our Program Certifications.
  • What type of education do I get when I attend CLU?
    Clover Leaf University is a Department of Higher Education certified occupational educational institution offering multiple course and program certifications for the cannabis industry such as businesses training, application training, facility set up, job training certifications, management, cultivation build outs, extractions, infusions compliant operational procedures, occupational training, and industry safety certifications. Credits are not transferable to other educational institutions. We are regulated by the same division from the Department of Higher Education such as real estate schools, beauty schools, and massage schools. We also offer (CLE) Credits for Continuing Legal Education and (CME) Credits for Medical Professionals.
  • How does Clover Leaf University work?
    We offer stand alone course certifications that take one session to complete, usually a 3-4 hour class. Our program certifications that are made up of a series of stand alone course certifications. Some program certifications required internship hours for completion. Students receive a certificate for each stand alone course they complete and for each full program certification that is complete. Students are responsible for creating the schedule that works best for them. If an internship is required for the program the student will be responsible for finding an internship facility. CLU must verify that the internship facility chosen must complete the required internship facility paperwork and be approved. Internship schedules and facilities must be approved by CLU prior to student starting the required hours. To complete a full certification program students should register individually for each of the stand alone course certifications they need to take. Who knows your schedule better than you do? Take courses at your own pace at Clover Leaf University. We will be launching our online program in January of 2016. As we strive to bring you the highest level of education be patient with us. The industry is new and complicated and many programs need constant updating due to changes in legislation or local and state compliance requirements. We are still growing and will be offering many more class times, schedules, online classes, and webinars soon. Thank you for all for your support and we are honored to help you grow too. Thank you for choosing Clover Leaf University.
  • Who can attend Clover Leaf University?
    Anyone who is 21 years of age or older or 18 years of age with a Medical Marijuana Card. We welcome students from all over the country and the world to enroll at Clover Leaf University.
  • How can I attend CLU?
    You can attend by visiting the front page of our website at Click on the course and complete the enrollment form and then pay for the course.
  • Where can I attend CLU?
    We have various locations across the country where we hold various classes, seminars, and workshops. Please see the specific address information for each course in the course enrollment form and on the payment page. All updates will also be added to the site. If an address changes we will also send you an email.
  • How much is it to attend?
    Each stand alone class is anywhere between $99.00 to $399.00 for 2 to 4 hour stand alone course certifications. Three day certification programs range from $499.00 to $2,000.00 depending on the certification. Our online pricing and webinar training is not yet available.
  • If I take a class am I guaranteed a job?
    You will receive job level industry training and career training that will teach you the fundamentals of the industry from opening a business to management to budtending to cultivation / extract methods, and facility build out. There are certain qualifications each state or local municipality can enact licensing procedures, employee application fees, protocols, security level access badging, employee badging, food safety certifications, and any other industry standard and safety training required to be employed in your state. Each class curriculum is tailored to the state regulatory protocols necessary to open a business, and remain in full operational compliance.
  • How can I obtain more information? Do you email information?
    We do not mail information all of our information is online. If you have additional questions that are not listed on this FAQS page, then School catalog, the enrolment form, the payment page form, syllabus, or class book you can send us an inquiry through our website here. You can sign up for our newsletter here, check our school catalog, or check the company's faq's page. I've called multiple times and have not received a response?
  • What if I do not have medical marijuana or recreational marijuana in my state?
    You can still take classes at the university but CLU teaches compliance and legal business practices. We expect our students to follow the laws in their state to the fullest and in no way shape or form give leagl advice or permission to do anything illegal or against the law.
  • Programs and Course Descriptions Available at Clover Leaf University Program Certifications
    A group or series of organized courses, lessons or units of instruction pursued to attain an occupational objective. Our Program Certifications are a collective of imperative Stand Alone Course Certifications to complete the level of knowledge accurate for industry job training program certifications.
  • Stand Alone Course Certifications
    A course which may take the form of a seminar, workshop, continuing education course or other similar educational service that has an occupational objective of its own.
  • State Programs - Training Programs
    See CLU website for details
  • Seminar Course
    Seminar’s are Lectures held in a classroom setting - Certification received when complete
  • Workshops, Seminars, Weekend Certifications"
    Day, weekend, or week certification classes offered nationally.
  • Hand On Training - Demonstration Workshops
    Clover Leaf University will also two hour lectures or hands on sample demonstration workshops that will not come with a certification of completion. They will just come with a certificate saying you attended the workshop. These classes are held by our non profit association.
  • Where can I find a list of the various programs you offer?
    You can find a list of the various classes, and programs we offer in our School Catalog, available for download on the front page of the University website, where you can also find a list of all your enrollment procedures, classes, hours, days, descriptions, etc. The programs are also listed on our courses page of our website found here.
  • Where can I find the dates for your classes or a current schedule?
    The classes and course descriptions can also be found on our programs and courses page found here. Class Schedules and Dates are located on the the front page of our website.
  • When will you hold classes in my state?
    When Clover Leaf University is holding classes in a particular state the information will be listed in our class schedule. We will be holding national seminars, workshops, day and weekend certifications throughout the year so make sure and check the schedule frequently. Webinars will be available soon April 2016 so you can join us from far away starting the amazing 420 season. If you do not see your State listed then we are not holding classes in your state at the moment.
  • Do I have to travel to the location on the current list to take the offered class?
    At this moment yes you do. We do not have travel suggestions or housing so you will have to make all additional arrangements yourself. Once we launch our webinars you can take all of our classes directly from your current location.
  • Is there a webinar available for the class schedule? How Do I sign up?
    Webinars will be available soon and you will be able to enroll in the course, pay for the course, and take the webinar. We do not currently offer webinars but will offer them soon so check the website regularly.
  • Are there online classes available?
    Please check the course catalog for current Online Programs!
  • How do I register for a Certification Program?
    Clover Leaf University offers 5 Full Program Certifications: General Cannabis Education, Responsible Vendor Program Certification, Understanding the Laws, Cannabis Business, and Cannabis Cultivation. Certification Program Information can be found here: To complete one of our Certification Programs students must take the required Stand Alone Courses that complete the specific programn and should register individually for each of the courses they need to take. Clover Leaf University is not offering discounts or full program sign up just yet or full program sign up unless it is a week straight program.
  • How long are Clover Leaf Certification programs?
    Each program consist of taking the required Stand Alone Courses. Each Stand Alone Course is 2-6 hours, most of them are 4 hours. Students will enroll in the courses that best fit their individual schedules. If a course is offered you will see it listed on the website. We are working hard to add more classes and various times as classes fill up. Early registration is always the best. Webinars and Online Classes for the Certification Programs are coming, but not yet available.
  • How do I register for a Stand Alone Course Certification?
    First, click on the course enrollment link you would like to enroll in found on the Clover Leaf University front page. Click on Enroll Now. This will take you to an Enrollment Form. Once you have completed your enrollment form and click submit the site will then take you to purchase your tickets for the course. Each student must complete the enrollment form and then follow step two the payment page, and pay for the class to ensure student is registered. If you are with a business that has prepaid for classes click your given code on the event payment form and the price will automatically be adjusted for you.
  • Are scholarships available for Clover Leaf University?
    Students may apply online at Applicants should include their financial need, experiences in and out of the cannabis industry, and classes they are interested in taking. Scholarships offer students the courses at a discounted rate.
  • Do I have to fill out an Enrollment Form for each Clover Leaf University course that I take?
    Yes, CLU must keep meticulous student records. You must fill out an enrollment form each time you enroll in a Stand Alone Course. Please print your enrollment form and save a copy before you submit it. There is a checkbox on the enrollment form that must be checked before you submit it that will remind you of this.
  • Once I have completed and submitted my Enrollment Form am I signed up or do I have to pay right then when sent after enrollment to the payment page.
    Once you have completed your enrollment form and click submit the site will then take you to purchase your tickets for the course. Each student must complete the enrollment form and the payment form. Follow step two the payment page, and pay for the class to ensure student is registered. If you are with a business that has prepaid for classes click your given code on the event payment form and the price will automatically be adjusted for you. If you want to pay cash use the code cash on the eventbrite payment page and you can pay when you attend class however your spot will not be reserved until you pay.
  • How much is tuition at Clover Leaf University?
    Students will pay individually for each of the stand alone courses they enroll in. Course
  • Are Certification Programs cheaper if I register for programs instead of stand alone course certifications, how can I register for the whole certification program?"
    Currently we only offer registration for stand alone course certifications and when all stand alone courses are completed for the program we will offer the Program Certification Certificate.
  • Can I pay in cash or check?
    CLU does not currently take checks but we do allow cash however you must sign up on the eventbrite payment form page, after the enrollment form, and use the code cash and still fill out the details. If you do not fill out both forms for the course we cannot ensure that you are registered for the course and if the class is sold out when you arrive we cannot guarantee your spot. Remember, filling out the enrollment form without filling out the payment form after and adding the code cash means you are not fully registered and will not guaranteed a seat in class.
  • Does Clover Leaf University accept GI Bills/ Student Loans?
    Clover Leaf University accepts all major credit/debit cards, cashier's checks and cash. We encourage all active and retired military to apply online for a Clover Leaf University Scholarship if they have financial need. We will be developing more programs as we grow. We are an occupational school and do not transfer credits to major universities. (Like Real Estate School) Because Title IV funding is done through a federal funding agency due to the current status of "Cannabis" there is no way to apply for a student loan or to receive funding.
  • When will Clover Leaf University online courses be available?
    Clover Leaf University is excited to be expanding into the digital world. We will be offering our courses online beginning in 2016 - 2017.
  • Can you put me on a mailing list to be notified when Clover Leaf University Online Courses are made available?
    No you have to check our website or click here to sign up for our mailing list. We are receiving thousands of calls and are unable to get to everyone.
  • Are Clover Leaf University Professors qualified?
    Clover Leaf University holds its professors to the highest standard. Each of our professors is an expert in their field. They have over 10,000 hours of professional tax paying occupational experience in the field they teach. Thank you CLU Professors!
  • Where is Clover Leaf University located?
    Our home is located in Denver, Colorado but we offer national certificate training. In Denver, we offer courses at the Auraria Campus in the heart of Downtown Denver and at our main campus located at 3888 E Mexico St in Denver Colorado. We also travel to different states to bring our courses to those who can’t come to us. We will be launching an online program soon and do offer webinars.
  • Will I need to move to Colorado to enroll as a Student?
    Clover Leaf University Students travel from all over the country to attend our courses. We have flexible scheduling and can work with out-of-state students. You do not need to be an Colorado resident to take our courses.
  • Can you take courses if you are an out-of-state or international student?
    We encourage anyone 21 years of age or older to enroll in Clover Leaf University.
  • Im traveling to Colorado to take your courses, where should I stay?"
    You are responsible for your own travel plans and accommodations when traveling out of state to take classes. Transportation to and from class is also not provided. When Traveling to the Colorado Campus the closest hotel to the school is the Hyatt Place located at: 4150 E Mississippi Ave, Glendale, CO 80246 Phone: (303) 782-9300 Directions from the Hyatt to CLU Enter 3888 E. Mexico Ave #136 Denver, CO 80201 in your navigation system and it will tell you where to go.
  • Im traveling to another campus or state to take courses or participate in your workshop where should I stay?
    You are responsible for your own travel plans and accommodation when traveling out of state to take classes.
  • Do you hold courses in other locations?
    We travel to different states to and offer seminar and workshop training.
  • Can you train my entire staff?
    Clover Leaf University offers Responsible Vendor Training and Budtender Training to individual companies. We will travel to you and provide top of the line education to your staff, we emphasize setting best practices and implementing corporate business standards. If you would like to set this up please register here
  • How old do you have to be to work in the Cannabis Industry?
    As a rule of thumb we stick to the 21+ rule. Due to heavy regulation employees in the Cannabis Industry must be 21 years of age or older.
  • Are their any required texts for CLU courses?
    There are required readings and suggested readings for CLU courses. See school catalog or the information will be in the course syllabus when you register.
  • How do I become an Advanced (Master ) Grower?
    The title Advanced Master Grower is not something to take lightly. We do offer the title but no one has ever reached it yet. It can not be learned in a few short courses or years for that matter. It takes time and much experience. Do not confuse our cultivation program certification as a master grower certification. 1. Contact Clover Leaf University and make us aware of your intentions to enroll in the full Advanced Grow Techniques programs. 3. Complete the Cultivation Certification Program. Sign up for each individual class and pay individually as you go. We are not offering full program registration as of now. 4. Complete all four courses in the Cannabis Cultivation Certification Program 5. Submit your 3, 6, or 9 month Internship Proposal to CLU for approval at 6. Complete an 126 hour minimum internship, internships must be approved by CLU (says they must be an approved facility, where are these?) 7. Complete all four courses in the Advanced Grow Techniques Certification Program (or one course?)
  • Does Clover Leaf University help me find an internship?
    Students are required to obtain an internship on their own. We can provide assistance for contacts and networking if the student has exhausted all other options.
  • How do I find an Internship?
    We recommend reaching out to state licensed facilities in the industry, when you begin your Cannabis Cultivation Certification program. It is helpful to have a substantial relationship with your mentor. They must pass a approved internship facility form. The student will be given a package with the necessary forms to complete during the internship.
  • Does Clover Leaf University help me find a job after completing certifications?
    Students are tasked with finding a job in the Cannabis Industry on their own. We do not place students in jobs although we offer many different options..
  • Where can I find CLU textbooks?
    This industry is highly regulated and ever-changing. We are in the process of updating our textbook. It will be back online available for download when it has the updated information added.
  • Does the Cannabis Industry require me to get CLU certified?
    Clover Leaf University provides a cannabis education to anyone who wants it. It is not required to be in the industry. We educate and train cannabis industry workers. Clover Leaf University works to establish best practices for regulatory compliance and creating cannabis products with attention to public health and safety.
  • Will getting a Clover Leaf University Certification ensure I will get a job in the Cannabis Industry?
    Just like any other degree, jobs are not ensured to those who take our courses. CLU provides a top of the line education to those who wish to know more about Cannabis and Cannabis Business but you are responsible for your work ethic and progress after.
  • Will getting a Clover Leaf University Certification ensure I get state licensed or a limited access employee badge. Is my badge included in the course?
    No. You have to fill out all necessary applications, pay all fees, and complete any necessary background checks required by the local and state regulatory process to become an employee. Then you have to go and find yourself a job by filling out applications and setting up interviews. We do work with multiple staffing companies and have scheduled job fairs and various resources to help our students find jobs. We just do not guarantee if you come to a class you will have a job or we will get you one.
  • Where can I find the Clover Leaf University course catalog?
    It is available for download here: 2018 CLU Catalog
  • How do I contact Clover Leaf University?
    Please send us a detailed message below so we may better assist you. If you would like to schedule a call you can request that there as well. We have a very high volume of emails, the more specific you are about your questions the quicker you will receive an answer.
  • How do I get a copy of my enrollment form
    You can print your enrollment form but you must hit print or save as a PDF before you submit the application.
  • I want to get a job, What are the best classes for me to take?"
    This depends on what position you are looking to be hired for. Trimmers and bud tenders are entry level courses. We offer over 25 stand alone course certifications for 4 hours each and 4 full program certifications that are made up of various stand alone course certifications. If you live out of state you are more than welcome to fly in for our classes and and take various stand alone courses working toward a program certification. We will be offering webinars and online courses coming in January 2016 and these will be made available to anyone online. You can wait for those as well. All Program Certifications and Stand Alone Course Certifications can be found on our website at You can also click under courses and click on Program Certifications or click on Stand Alone Course Certifications to see our various classes. A course syllabus will not be sent until the student has registered for courses.
  • How Do I Manage My Education at CLU
    There is a fee that can be paid to add priority with a school counselor to go over you information and assessment, attend our various student assessments or pay for a copy of your transcripts.
  • Lost Certificate
    Fill out the form for a lost or missing certificate. You can find the link to the form here:
  • I haven't received my Certificate
    If you did not turn in a student testimonial which is required to receive your certificate, this could explain why your student received are incomplete. Please fill out the student testimonial found here: Fill out this form after you have completed your student testimonial to receive an additional certificate. Digital copies are $25.00. Printed copies are no longer available.
  • How long does it take to receive my certificate?
    We operate in semesters and quarters so depending on what quarter you apply or complete your course, it could be up to 3 months after the end of that quarter before you get your certificate. This is the fastest we can verify student records with our current system and appreciate your patience.
  • Where can I find the Student Testimonial Form
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